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There is much more to healthy eyes than just good sight. This is something that not everyone understands.  At H. L. Bumgardner Optometry, we are able to help you identify any conditions that might be affecting your eyes through a simple eye examination.

Common eye disorders including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and others can be caught in early stages as a result of regular examination.  Many different conditions, even minor ones such as dry, itchy or irritated eyes can lead to other major problems that do not need to occur.

General health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, multiple-sclerosis, auto-immune and some arthritic conditions and many other conditions can weigh heavily on your eyes and in some cases cause serious vision problems. Your primary eye care physician can detect and manage many of these problems.  No matter what the problem is that is affecting your vision, we promise to not only help your sight improve but help you lead an overall healthier life.

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One aspect of vision we truly understand is that good vision is critical to learning.  Therefore, we strive to make learning as easy as possible by correcting vision impairments. Many children with vision problems face barriers both socially and academically in life. Dr. Bumgardner’s office works to help children be the best students they can be.

Our office also understands that eighty percent of all learning is performed through vision. We will ensure that your child has the best possible tools to learn successfully with options including glasses, contact lenses or both. We will make learning as easy as possible for your child.

Dr. Bumgardner understands that vision problems can have implications resulting in even keeping a child from graduating high school.  To help solve this problem, our office participates in the See to Learn program, an innovative, three-step preventive health plan designed to ensure that kindergarten children entering school can see to learn and to educate parents and teachers about the warning signs of vision problems in all school-age children.


The best way to explain lasik surgery procedures is from the doctor’s perspective.  We welcome patients to sit down with Dr. Bumgardner to help you best understand what goes into a surgery of this magnitude.

Who is a good candidate for lasik surgery?

What role does the optometrist play in lasik surgery?

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