Foreign Bodies

A foreign body is any particulate matter that enters the eye. Many times, foreign bodies can be flushed with saline. However, there are times when the object will become embedded in the eye (usually the cornea) and must be surgically removed. These must be removed immediately to prevent infection and loss of vision.

Patients often enter the office with a foreign body embedded in the eye. They have usually been at work doing grinding or welding, or at home with the weed-eater or garden activities. They usually have a great deal of pain and discomfort. They are usually afraid to have the object removed for fear of even greater pain.

Please remember that it does not hurt to have a foreign body removed. The eye is completely numbed with anesthetics. You are better off if it is removed as soon as possible. We have special microscopes to view your eye so that we can be sure it is completely removed. After the removal you will be given antibiotics and any other medication needed for proper healing. In past years, patients normally would have to wear a very tight bandage on their eye while it healed. In modern times we normally insert a very comfortable “bandage” contact lens that is left in place while the eye heals.

Your major medical or workman’s compensation insurance will normally take care of any fees for foreign body removal. You do not need to have vision insurance. Major medical insurance or workman’s compensation will be satisfactory.

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