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After graduating high school in Iola, Ks, Dr. Bumgardner attended college in Kansas. After completing his undergraduate degree,  he attended the University Of Houston College Of Optometry in Houston, TX. While attending the University of Houston he spent a year participating in a NASA program to research and design instruments and tests to monitor the vision and eye health of astronauts in space.

After graduation with his Optometry Doctorate, Dr. Bumgardner has continuously been in private practice in Wichita, Kansas for more than 40 years. Like his father, Dr. Bumgardner has been a contributing member of the Kansas Optometric Association, serving on various boards and committees throughout his career. He is also a member in good standing of the American Optometric Association and the Wichita Optometric Society, having been a past president of that association.

Dr. Bumgardner has special interests in the latest developments in state of the art eye care technology. He is also knowledgeable regarding nutrition, especially as it relates to the eyes. He is licensed at the highest level an optometrist in Kansas can be. He is licensed to treat medical eye problems such as glaucoma, severe dry eyes, ocular injuries, and medical emergencies. He actively co-manages patients with the leading eye care specialists and eye surgeons in Wichita.

Optometry plays a significant role in all aspects of Dr. Bumgardner’s life. Dr. Bumgardner’s father was an optometrist in Iola, Kansas for 35 years. Dr. Bumgardner’s brother eventually took over the family Optometry practice in Iola after graduating from the University of Houston. Continuing the family tradition, his daughter became an optometrist after graduating from Nova Southeastern College of Optometry in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 2001. Dr. Bumgardner also has a son who is an attorney in Wichita, Kansas.

Dr. Bumgardner’s son Jeff and his wife Kelly, have two sons, Miles and Grant. Dr. Bumgardner’s daughter Melissa and her husband John have two daughters, Maggie and Lorelei, as well as a son John Henry.

Dr. Bumgardner has three stepsons, Michael, Randall and Nicholas with is wife Debbie. Dr. Bumgardner’s personal interests include computers, gardening, his grandchildren, music, history, skiing, genealogy, movies, traveling and other outdoor activities.

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